“Stream of Consciousness Experiment” (part two)

All of this bemoaning is a contradiction, a confidence game with the reader as my mark. I draw them in with promises of eternal youth, re-grown hair, the perfectly sliced tomato. They are in for more than just a bait and switch, though, I deliver on my promises (if not the original ones), providing answers to life’s questions with my doggerel. Hopefully my lettermaps are legible, my metaphors and similes presented with enough of a legend that the way and paths are clear. X marks the spot where the reader ends up after following the roads & highways engineered specifically with careful structure and form. No one will get lost and the journey will provide insight and awareness, and they will climb the X at the end reaching the top triumphantly, having conquered the realizations I spun like webs, intricate, silken plots laid out like arachnid architecture.


© Jamy Sweet 2011-08-26


2 thoughts on ““Stream of Consciousness Experiment” (part two)

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