“Walls: A Fable”

In deep honor to all men and women who are serving or have served valiantly for our country…Happy Veteran’s Day.

Walls: A Fable

There used to be walls,
physical ones,
made of
stone and turf,
brick and mortar,
mud and straw,
sand and earth.

At first,
they were created for
privacy, restraint,
boundaries, or

And they were enough.

Eventually, because the
human mind evolved,
then bloomed with
violence and greed
like roses or mold,
there needed to be
something more.

So the people asked
the Kind
and Strong
and Brave
and Willing
to give of themselves to
fill in the holes
created in the walls
by the folly and foibles of man.

And they did.

And they do to this day.

© Jamy Sweet 11/11/11



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