“Family Circles”

The inspiration for this blank verse, iambic pentameter poem came while hanging out with some very close friends whom I consider family even though we aren’t blood related or related by marriage (Philotes is the Greek Goddess of Friendship :)).

Family Circles

Family comes in circles, many circles,
Some thin, made of blood, created at birth.

Others are made of silver-purple chains,
Fashioned with Aphrodite’s knitting pins,
To link two people, eternally (sometimes
They break, though, but not by Aphrodite’s
Design, Hades has his hands in that havoc).

A few are unique; they are the same in
The tightness of their bond (maybe stronger),
But the construction is of different
Architecture, a wholly different
Animal, planned by a different god.

Philotes’ thread makes the seams of these near
Perfect rings, that we may turn to their strength

When the blood doesn’t flow, and the once strong
silver-purple chains rot away from the
wear and tear of Hades’ acid shower.

While all these circles are concentric, looped,
And similar, the inexplicable
Skein of Philotes is what truly binds,
Sets her rings far ahead and special, and
Makes these links of life the most eternal.

© Jamy Sweet 11/17/11



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