“Do Not Count”

A little verse dressed up in Philosopher’s Robes. Please enjoy!

Do Not Count

Do not count –
Me out;
On the negative;
On things getting worse
(or better);

Do not count –
On the route from Point A to Point B
being the shortest
(there might be a
stowaway “Z”
on the train);

Do not count –
Unhatched chickens
(they could be turtle or snake eggs too);
To a million
(time is a precious commodity,
and that could take a while);

Do not count –
On the advice of others too much
(what might seem like a brick bunker
may just be a house of cards);

Do not count –
At all
(those numbers might be
stepping stones to the future,
underfoot in the present,
crafted by memories of the past,
but their solidity is false,
preventing  the current and the now);

© Jamy Sweet 12/08/11



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