“Lady of the Angels”

I wrote this poem in honor of the grandeur of Los Angeles. An area of which am I fortunately a native, and also very fortunate to have recently taken a fantastic job in the Downtown area…

Lady of the Angels

She’s gargantuan, more
Amazon than
Zaftig or corpulent.

She’s our Mother,
Cradling us obsessively,
With the zeal of a
Thousand immigrants,
Though we never
Had to come here,
Because (thanks to our ancestors),
We were already here.

She has thousands of
Veins and arteries
Pulsing with the
Metallic blood of
Millions of Her children,
And She would have it
No other way.

She has been beaten down,
Lauded, loved, and
But we will always
Have Her back.

We sometimes
Grumble and complain,
That Her parenting
Is less than stellar,
That our brothers and sisters
Drive us crazy,
And may even leave Her nest.
And, of course,
Like any good mother,
This upsets Her,
But not too much,
For She knows we’ll
always be back
(and if we don’t return,
maybe we weren’t really
Hers after all).

Her love is sometimes
Tough love,
And a bitter pill to take,
But we see Her
Intentions in the end,
And the beautiful life
She has made for us.

For Her arms are the
Golden sun,
Her hair is as lush as the
Her smile as white as the post-rain
And Her love is the love
Of Home.

© Jamy Sweet 2012-02-24



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