“Cirque Du Maladie” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 5)

Sorry about the long delay in getting my National Poetry Month posts out! I will catch up today…PROMISE! I am going to title each of these for the day they were SUPPOSED to appear, up to Day 9, which will be today’s post…Enjoy!!!

I wrote the below sonnet while going through a period of difficulty with illness (A loved one was dealing with Cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma specifically, and my own Pancreatic issues) and how I felt the entire experience was much like some Tim Burton realized macabre circus.

Cirque Du Maladie

The trapeze act is ending its bell curve.
Elation puts her hands over my eyes and
Asks “Guess Who?”. As I muster the nerve
To answer, she is worn away, like sand.

Dread, that gimp, sidles up to lead us to
Another tent. Walking among the fumes
Of carnies and cons, I realize who
Bought our tickets, Fate did. He has three faces,

An Indian god in a red tailcoat,
And is the ringmaster of this sad show.
When it comes to a welcome end, and Hope
Waits at the gate like a parent, I close

My eyes to a sudden mist of insight:
The circus has left us for good, tonight.


© Jamy Sweet 2010-04-27



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