“Components of a Life” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 8)

For my 8th National Poetry Month post, I thought I’d share a poetic experiment with a strict rhyme scheme (A-B-B for the first four stanzas and A-A-A-A for the last) and repeating words. It was written about my Muse for Valentine’s Day 2011. Hope you dig it!

Components of a Life

Your given name is of the General of God, yet,
you are no soldier to me,
more like a fighter, fighting for us willingly.

Your surname is that of granite, yet,
you are softer to me
than the seeds of a cottonwood tree.

Your countenance is sometimes stern, yet,
you are no ruler-bearing nun to me,
just a teacher who teaches me how to be free.

Your anger is a flame, yet,
it doesn’t burn or destroy me,
it fans the fires that stoke our commonality.

All these components that seem to be
hard or harsh or soldierly,
are the sum of the parts that actually,
bind us together eternally.

© Jamy Sweet 2011-02-14




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