“My Treatise is Shallow” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 10)

For my 10th National Poetry Month post, I want to share a poem whose first half I wrote when I was in a place where my voice and opinions fell on deaf ears. I just finished the rest of the piece today because I am now in a place where I feel that what I have to say is very much listened to and taken in account. So I see the below poem as a bit of a time capsule that captures me in very different times of my life…Please enjoy!!

My Treatise Is Shallow

My treatise is shallow,
And falls on cemented, indifferent ears.
I am microscopic,
Shouting in a hurricane,
A sound never made
Ch ch ch-ing from my tiny mouth.

“It could be all in your head,” says the fortune teller,
But I don’t really care,
Her iron sulfide holds no weight with me.

I keep going,
With my immense boulder of
I am Sysyphus,
Pushing and pushing,
Up and up.
Only to watch it
Roll down again –
Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Yet I am no enemy of Thanatos, nor
Crafty or truly
And know that eventually,
The rock will get to where it’s going,
Sooner, not later.

The giant stone will be
High atop the hill,
A shrine to my conviction,
My voice finally heard,
Carried on a gentle breeze
To those who agree with and are
Comforted by the
Things I believe in and have to say.

© Jamy Sweet 2012-04-13




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