“Debt” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 12)

For my 12th National Poetry Month post, in honor of this being U.S. tax day (since yesterday was the 15th, they gave us an extra day), I want to share an (mostly) iambic quadrameter blank verse poem I wrote about what it can feel like when one is in a lot of debt and how it is possible to get out of it…Please enjoy!!


I am underneath a mountain
but I can surprisingly breathe.
Below all this mass, all sixty
billion tons of it, one may think
my demise is imminent, gory,
and probably, immediate.

Being a survivor (of sorts),
I might find a shovel and dig
a tunnel, seeking light, find it,
and suck in air, purely, instead
of breathing through mud. But I need

to find a shovel first, and since
visibility is (to say the least),
at zero right now, I’d have better
chance both cleaning the Augean
Stables and slaying the Hydra
At the same time in less than a
day (even mighty Heracles had two).

Time, Patience, and Wisdom are the
enemies of mountains, wearing
them away to valleys. If I
can get in their good graces (maybe
even The Graces themselves), lay
tribute and learn well, I might not
need to dig myself out at all.

© Jamy Sweet 2012-04-16




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