“Don’t” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 14)

For my 14th National Poetry Month post, in honor of Cole Porter, who is considered to be one of the greatest “list” songwriters of all time, I wanted to post my own “list” poem about someone “sugar coating” bad news…Please enjoy!


go there unless you intend on softening the blow.

Wrap it in velvet,
tie it with a bow,
give it pajamas that fit,
paint it the color of raspberry sorbet,
tell it a story with a happy ending,
write it a poem (but not this one),
take a stroll with it,
give it a kitten,
buy it a car,
tell it it’s pretty,
tell it it’s handsome,
write it a check (but don’t expect payback),
knit it a sweater,
pat its head,
stroke its Ego,
feed its Id,
paint it a painting (but not a portrait),
cook it dinner,
win it a stuffed animal at the fair,
change its oil,
give it your phone number,
sing it a song (but be on key).

Above all, be certain,
and tell the truth, just make sure that it’s
wrapped in marshmallow
and dipped in chocolate.
So it’s easier to take and
Not as bitter as
It would be

On its own.

© Jamy Sweet 2011-04-06




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