“My Golden Idol” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 13)

For my 13th National Poetry Month post, I want to share a piece I wrote as part of what I call my “Disease Chronicles” at time when a lot of sickness befell me and those I loved…It’s all passed now, but still wanted to share…Please enjoy!

My Golden Idol

My golden idol
Lays tarnished
In its assigned

It was taken
From its spotlighted
Velvet reverence
Too abruptly,
With no warning,
And now it’s been so long
Even the curio is forgetting.

I call everyday,
And the tinkerer
Never has any news.
I fight everyday,
Because he should have news.

Now that
The repairs are
Almost finished,
The tinkerer
Says it will still
Need polishing;
A job he’s made
My responsibility.

What could I possibly know about
The proper burnishing of a Buddha?
I worry,
Under my cloth,
The tarnish will return like
Siddhartha from the Bodhi Tree.

© Jamy Sweet 2008-07-23




3 thoughts on ““My Golden Idol” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 13)

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