“Neurotic Friendship” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 16)

For my 16th National Poetry Month post, this is a poem I wrote realizing that as a child our idiosyncrasies and foibles are something we hold on to and cherish. As adults, it’s not so simple. Some neuroses we SHOULD hold on to though, because they make us INTERESTING! The difficult part is figuring out the “good” from the “bad” 😀

Neurotic Friendship

I used to be friends
with my Neuroses,
we would skip
down the street,
not a care in the world.
We’d play hopscotch
and jump rope, and
talk about our school day.

Our mothers,
bell-less and earnest,
called out for dinner in
exasperated joy,
looking forward to the
suburban symposium
simply and single-handedly,
with a
casserole and a
loaf of home-baked bread.

At this call-to-arms,
we’d have to separate,
but knew
we were never really that far apart,
counting the minutes ’til
dinner was over,
and we could squeeze the
last precious moments out of the evening
like a toothpaste tube.

I used to be friends
with my Neuroses.
We had a lot
of keys my friend and I,
that opened a lot of
boxes that were
full of dreams and youthful trinkets.
Now, I’ve forgotten which
keys work in which locks,
And figuring this out
Is a tough endeavor,
to make certain these
joys aren’t gone forever.

© Jamy Sweet 2010-01-21




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