“Lifecare 5000” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 17)

For my 17th National Poetry Month post, this is another poem I wrote as part of my “Disease Chronicles”. I was in the hospital and the IV infusion pump noise was driving me crazy…I had been in for a while, obviously…Enjoy! 😀

Lifecare 5000

Infusion pump,
Why are you so impatient?
I hear your
Rapidly tapping
Behind me.
An exasperated
Breathing-out, then the
Tapping again.

Is the job of guiding the
Hot air balloons
Above my head
Into the
Wind currents of my veins
Beneath you?

Are you just
Killing time?
Because I know a nurse
Who’s got your number, and can
Fire you and
Replace you with
Another air-traffic controller
At the touch of a button.

So you’d better change your tune, friend.

© Jamy Sweet 2010-06-11




4 thoughts on ““Lifecare 5000” (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 17)

  1. I’m sorry Jamy you’re carrying this cross~ I hate IVs and have had years of such treatments etc, so, I understand. I love your finale! LOVE your blog, and will pray you find relief of every kind. Fondly ~Deborah


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