Another Poet Who Gives My Writing Inspiration and Purpose… (National Poetry Month Posts, Day 19)

For my next National Poetry Month post, I want to share another poet whom I idolize and read frequently for writing inspiration…

James Tate

Here is one of his poems that I love:

A Wedding

She was in terrible pain the whole day,
as she had been for months: a slipped disc,
and there is nothing more painful. She

herself was a nurse’s aide, also a poet
just beginning to make a name for her
nom de plume. As with most things in life,

it happened when she was changing channels
on her television. The lucky man, on the other
hand, was smiling for the first time

in his life, and it was fake. He was
an aspiring philosopher of dubious potential,
very serious, but somehow lacking in

essential depth. He could have been
an adequate undertaker. It was not the first
time for either of them. It was a civil

service, with no music, few flowers.
Still, there was a slow and erratic tide
of champagne—corks shot clear into the trees.

And flashcubes, instant photos, some blurred
and some too revealing, cake slices that aren’t
what they were meant to be. The bride slept

through much of it, and never did we figure out
who was on whose team. I think the groom
meant it in the end when he said, “We never

thought anyone would come.” We were not the first
to arrive, nor the last to leave. Who knows,
it may all turn out for the best. And who

really cares about such special days, they
are not what we live for.

© James Tate
from Selected Poems, 1991

The whole poem is amazing, tells a perfect story, and has images that are concise and musical.

James Tate’s work has always affected me in many different ways…Sometimes he makes me laugh, other times I am deeply affected emotionally, and I am always forced to think!

Here are some links about him and his impressive body of work:

A YouTube video of him from the Humanities Iowa “On The Fly: Writers on Writing” series.
His Wikipedia Entry.
His biography page.
A list of his poems at The Poetry Foundation.




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