How many poems have you lost?

Dear fellow Bloginistas,

I often think of many poems and writing ideas that seem fantastic. If they would only get the opportunity to be strapped down on Dr. Frankenstein’s table and be given the chance to have the special ‘Lightning spa treatment’. After that, they would be whole…”IT’S ALIVE!!”


This is often not the case. I seem to lose them to what I call “the grey tar” that sits just below my creative mind. They idea comes, and if unremembered, or noted in one of a million notebooks I hoard, they drop quickly into the tar, never to be seen again.

The poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti said “Images appear and disappear in poetry and painting, out of a dark void and into it again, messengers of light and rain, raising their bright and flickering lamps and vanishing in an instant. Yet they can be glimpsed long enough to save them as shadows on a wall in Plato’s cave.”

So I ask you, my fellow creators of art, how many creative thoughts have you lost to “the grey tar”? And how many were you able to glimpse long enough to “save them as shadows on a wall” of your personal “Plato’s cave”?

Finally, how do you feel when these brilliant, shining ideas are lost forever? Or are they really ever lost?




4 thoughts on “How many poems have you lost?

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      • Im grateful I said the right things/my feelings and, said it the right way, too. Don’t get desperate friend ~just like sweet blossoms beneath the snow, they rest, muster strength and shoot upward ! You’re a brave & smart man! Stillness is often the roots of growth & vision! Bless you friend ~Deborah


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