My New Favorite Poet is: Sarah Lindsay

My New Favorite Poet grabbed my mind and spirit with her arresting poem Elegy for the Quagga. We live in tenuous times ecologically, and she captures the razor’s edge we and our earth are walking on every day masterfully. Read her bio and other poems at the Poetry Foundation’s website by clicking her name below:

Sarah Lindsay

Also, here’s the Wiki entry on the animal Ms. Lindsay so beautifully elegizes: the Quagga.



p.s. I have decided to change the title of these posts from “My Weekly New Favorite Poet” to “My New Favorite Poet” so as to not be constrained by time. This way, if I want to post more than one Poet per week, or miss a few weeks in between (the latter being more likely! JaJaJa!) I won’t feel so stressed! :^D


If Rhythm Is a Dancer, comment and dance with me!

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