My New Favorite Poet is: James Lasdun

John Francis Rigaud - ca. 1784

What do you think is the true meaning of the poem I referenced below? I would love to know, so give me a shout-out in the comments!

I decided that My New Favorite Poet would be James Lasdun based on reading his poem Blues for Sampson in the July/August 2012 issue of Poetry Magazine. It affected and impressed me deeply, with its amazing analogy, perfect, ingenious metaphors / similes, and pure language. It also provoked much discussion about who the characters are and the poem’s true meaning between my partner and I. This, to me, is the hallmark of great poet / poem.

Read Mr. Lasdun’s bio and other poems at the Poetry Foundation’s website by clicking his name below:

James Lasdun

Also, here’s the Wiki entry on the tonsorially doomed one himself, in case you (like me! :-D) wanted to use history to form a better interpretation: Samson.




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