Here’s my first poem in honor of Halloween, my favorite holiday! Look out, there are BATS! ^v^ ^v^ ^v^


Pitch, in its sticky wheelhouse,
often feels a kinship with it.
Vacuums and voids have held it
in their arms,
a creeping, cold embrace.
Some find comfort and solace,
safer in its disguising folds,
than the formless
light of day.
Ravens wear coats of it,
their Conspiracy
a feathered Gentry,
wrapped in shadow.
hunt in it,
but only during
Artemis’ monthly dress ball.
It’s in its element only
half the year,
and even then still must share the day
with its illuminated twin.

It’s really misunderstood,
not only bad things happen
when it’s holding court:

Black tie affairs, dinners,
and sleep –
Constellations, dreams,
and deep, cool water –
They are all enthralled by its
mesmerizing mysteries;
but so are the
things that go “bump”,
that thing under your bed,
and dark, long, empty hallways –
So always keep a watchful eye;

Because you never know what’s
over your shoulder, right behind you,
in the


© Jamy Sweet 2012-10-26

Jamy (boo!)


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