“Black Widow”

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here’s a new poem of mine in honor of Halloween about a lovely, yet sinister lady fond of “knitting”…

Black Widow

The mark on her stomach
didn’t keep the time,
it was a razor-sharp Rorschach
of warning and recognition,
a lugubrious lavaliere.

Her dark skin was smooth,
as smooth as the silk thread
she used to craft the
lovely, architectural
garments she was so fond
of making.

Her long, tapered legs
were elegant and refined,
eight of them moving
in unison
in a dance that created
a compelling cantrip
to those uninitiated to
her murderous ways.

Her suitors were many,
her sinister reputation
unknown to them
it was time for her
midnight meal.
And then it was too late,
for she had at last earned her
and was alone again.

© Jamy Sweet 2012-10-31

Jamy (boo!)


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