Wednesday – A Primer and a Poem

Wednesday Addams by Charles Addams ©

One of my recent writing prompts (spurred by a day-to-day diary / journal I received from a friend for Christmas in which I decided to put a prompt-a-day), was to research the origin of the day “Wednesday” and write about it.

I was quite fascinated that Wednesday is named for Odin (The Chief God of Norse mythology), who was called Wodan or Wotan. The Anglo-Saxons used the word Wodnesdaeg. It also originates from a calque of dies Mercurii or “day of Mercury.” And while I speak some Spanish and know that Wednesday in Spanish is “Miércoles”, I never made the connection! 😀

The following poem is the product of that exercise…Enjoy!


He lived in the middle of the street,
Surrounded on either side by
His siblings.
Despite this, he was not
Suffocated or slowed down by
His geographic location.

He was regal, often
Took command,
And usually ran the
Neighborhood meetings.
They even took to
Calling him
“Chief of the Block”
(without a trace of irony).

He was quick-witted,
Charming, a master of
Editor of the Association Newsletter, and
The purveyor of all information.

He was able to
View the past like a historian
And cull information from
The future like a Gypsy’s
Empty tea cup
far better than his brother
At the beginning of the row
(Who was hated by everyone anyway).

He made the best of his
Situation, and people admired
Him deeply for it.

After he was gone,
They even changed
The name of the street to
Honor him.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-02-20

Here are the links I used for research:

The Wikipedia Entry
The Definition
InDepthInfo – Wednesday




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