A Valentine’s Day poem…Just a few days late!

Pacific Northwest Raven Image

I wrote the following poem for my main man because I purchased him this necklace for Valentine’s Day (Which I DID give him ON the actual day, it just took me a while to get this posted here! ;-))

From davidmorgan.com: The most important of all creatures to the coast Indian peoples was the Raven. He took many forms to many peoples – the Transformer, the cultural hero, the trickster, the Big Man. Full of magical powers, the Raven could transform himself into anything. He put the sun in the sky, the fish in the sea, the salmon into the rivers. His antics were often motivated by greed, and he loved to tease, to cheat, to woo, and to trick.”

Raven Necklace


The Aleutians called him

Benevolent as a
Volunteer at a soup kitchen,
His jet feathers shined with their
Reverence as he started his day’s tasks:

He put the
Sun in the Sky, and
The Fish in the Sea, and
The Salmon in the Rivers.

He had many important things
To do that day,
Plus a few tricks for good measure,
(Benevolence was just one of the
Badges on his lapel),
When he remembered that,
One day long coming,
Two men would meet.

So he put a point of
Bright light on the
Thread of Time when
They would meet.
Knowing it would
Make them
Perfect, and

© Jamy Sweet 2013-02-23

Here are the links that I used for my research:

Raven (Arctic)
Raven Mythology of the Native People of the Pacific Northwest





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