Happy National Poetry Month!


Hello Fellow Bloginistas!

I HAD intended on doing a “post-a-day” this year to honor one of the BEST months of the year, National Poetry Month! But, life gets in the way (as is USUAL, unfortunately), and even though I DO devote daily time to poetry and writing, I fear my blog often suffers. 😦

So here is my pledge: I will add 30 posts to this blog by the time April 30th rolls around. But please don’t bet on it, gambling can be dangerous (even though I PROMISE)!

Come visit me in the days to come, for there’s a lot in store: Original Work, New Favorite Poets, links to other site’s pages celebrating National Poetry Month and more!



p.s. This blog doesn’t count toward the total, BTW! Each one will have the title “National Poetry Month – Post X” to discern them. 😉


2 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Month!

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