National Poetry Month – Post #2: “Road Trip, A Fable: California, March 2010”

Hello Bloginistas!

For my second National Poetry Month post, I am going to post an original poem of mine. I wrote it during a drive from Southern to Northern California one Spring. So, here it is!

Road Trip, A Fable: California, March 2010

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions
are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the
journey, not the destination.”

Don Williams, Jr.


The highway winds like a snake,
A black mamba,
But friendlier, not poisonous,
Through the emerald shoulders of the land.
We ride its undulating back
Like the Maori Paikea,
Our rite of passage certain, and
Almost through.


We traverse a valley
Dotted with houses,
Each one waving from its
Hillside perch
Like a friendly neighbor.


We navigate
A grove of trees,
Branch over branch,
Crowd surfing rock stars
Above a sea of leafy fans.


The spirit of the
Stinking rose
Washes through,
Soul laundry,
We shine from within.


A lake jumps up,
Startling us,
A beautiful, watery surprise.
A raft of geese sit,
Gossiping about their day.


Twin bulls graze,
Accepting our offerings gladly,
Their sacred flanks
Shimmering in the afternoon.


The trunks of fallen oaks
Lay in ordered chaos like
Stonehenge in
The central coast,
The younger, vibrant trees
Stand proud,
Paying tribute
To their elders.


A hawk glides high above,
Aerial geometry,
Each circle perfect and the same,
Without the use of a compass.
There is hunger in his circumference,
Millions of years of instinct
Narrowed to a single meal.


When our journey finally winds down
Like an antique watch,
The glitter of the day’s experience
Is left on our clothes as a
Sparkling reminder of
Where we came from,
Where we are headed, and
What we did to get there.

© Jamy Sweet 2010-03-23





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