National Poetry Month – Post #4: “Seven Cardinals”

Greetings Bloginistas!

For my fourth National Poetry Month post, another original poem…I wrote this because I have always been fascinated by the idea of The Seven Deadly Sins; ever since I read Dante’s Inferno. I have a (maybe morbid) fascination with lists, and this is one of them! 🙂

Seven Cardinals

Wrath –

A flower blooms,
redder than any rose,
a bomb exploding in vacant rooms,
It’s really a weed that grows.

Greed –

I knew a man once, who had 100 chests,
each one filled with gold bullion.
Upon reflection, he never felt blessed,
he just wanted one hundred and one.

Sloth –

What once was mercury is now cement,
Determination’s a spinster aunt.
The weather is constantly inclement,
and every sentence wields a “can’t”.

Pride –

The mirror is shattered but in each piece,
beauty is still beheld.
The admiration is an empty feast
a false hunger that won’t be quelled.

Lust –

The Muladhara is a broken faucet,
causing a flood, unrestrained.
If a plumber doesn’t come to fix it,
True love will end up sprained.

Envy –

I am a slayer of dragons,
Green-eyed, sharp-toothed hordes.
I often succeed, but looking at my weapons,
I wish I had your swords.

Gluttony –

A Roman orgy is just the thing,
You leave with your toga intact.
Of all bacchanalia you are king,
Too bad it’s just an act.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-04-19




4 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – Post #4: “Seven Cardinals”

  1. This is really excellant. I never actually finished Inferno, only got through to the circle with Cerebrus so It’s cool to see what happens after that


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