National Poetry Month – Post #6: “Moon Child”

Dearest Bloginistas,

My sixth National Poetry Month post is an original poem I wrote for my partner for his birthday a couple of years ago…He (like me) is a Cancer, and as Cancers are ruled by the moon, we are often called “Moon Children”…Enjoy!

Moon Child

Raise your arms,
palms upturned,
Moon Child,
there is a great pull
and it is yours.

The pull is yours
to command,
Moon Child,
to shape, to bend,
the will of the world.

Don’t take this
power lightly,
Moon Child,
in it are the
tides, gentler winds,
the length of days, and
a multitude of myths.

But you are
a myth unto yourself
Moon Child,
exerting influence
on far more
important things;
those whom you love
and love you in return.

And on this,
your day of days
Moon Child,
may the tidal wave
at your back carry
you gently forth
into your future.

May it be of your
own creation,
Moon Child,
and may the winds
that accompany it
bear not destruction,
but all that you
love and hope and
wish for.

© Jamy Sweet 2011-07-13




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