National Poetry Month – Post #8: “The Maker”

Dearest Bloginistas,

My 8th National Poetry Month post is an original poem I wrote about my muse, my partner Michael, and his innate gift to create. I will follow this with a poem called “The Observer” about my own personal bag of tricks. I wrote the two poems as a duo that I will one day combine together, but for now, they can stand on their own…Enjoy!

The Maker

He has the hands
of a surgeon,
or violinist,
and takes nothing,
or bits of nothing,
and creates

He’s an alchemist;
combining disparate
petals or bulbs,
yarn or thread,
glues or papers,
wools or cottons,
to produce
the Philosopher’s Stone.

There’s immortality
in his finished product,
elemental divinity
in his every combination.

“Shock” and “awe” are
often used to
describe his creations,
Trojan horses
not with Greek soldiers,
but with the army
of his gifts.
An army that
does not plunder
or conquer,
but protects and serves
the Joy
that comes from
the efforts of
his genius.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-05-05




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