National Poetry Month – Post #9: “The Observer”

Greetings Bloginistas!

My ninth National Poetry Month post is an original poem I wrote about myself and my writing as a companion to the poem “The Maker” from National Poetry Month – Post #8…Enjoy!

The Observer

His eyes collect
each thing he sees, until
vision becomes hoard
and must be
organized or
it will overtake
in an endless, repeating,

He pours them out on paper
with pencil, pen, or keyboard;
sorted in
stanza-ed crates –
in boxes of meter –
on shelves of rhyme.
Some gets lost
or abandoned,
as often happens when
the collector
the collection
and loses.

But with a second
(or third or fourth or fifth) look,
he finds many
treasures in the
laid out
in its messy order before him.

With the watchmaker’s tools
of revision and a
burnishing cloth
woven by
The Horae themselves,
he creates priceless things,
Steampunk wonders,
golden, shining
apparatuses of
thought and word –
amazing and precious
to all who behold.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-05-10

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