National Poetry Month – Post #10: My Latest New Favorite Poet: Anis Shivani

I found my latest new favorite poet via an article he wrote on The Huffington Post about poet Lynn Xu: “National Poetry Month Emerging Poet Spotlight: Interview with Lynn Xu, Author of Debts and Lessons”. And while Ms. Xu will also most certainly be a new favorite poet in the future, I looked at the author of the article’s work first and was really floored by the sheer art of his language. The work is as much painted as it is written.

These are two of my favorites:

To Derek Walcott (The line “The very sand is choked with lust.” is particularly jarring)
Harold Bloom’s Old Age (I always love when one writer references others in a unique way)

If you want to read more of his work or even just more about him, just click his name, here: Anis Shivani

p.s. He’s a fellow WordPresser, so FOLLOW HIM! I certainly did!




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