Mythology Workshop #2: Incantation

Below, please find my poem for Oloriel’s Mythology Workshop #2!

The topic for the second workshop was: “Here in my Cauldron”.
The task was to pick a mythological figure and craft a RECIPE…

I picked the goddess Hecate, and here is my poem:


I sit at the
southwest elbow
of a crossroads,
behind and between
two torches,
twin sentries evenly spaced,
watching over me,
Secret Service.

In front of me,
On a makeshift altar lay
a skeleton key;
Dia De Los Muertos in iron.
A sprig of Deadly Nightshade;
poisonous posy.
collected in an ancient jar
during the Honey Moon
like a firefly.

The Moonlight is
so thick it sits
in the jar, glowing blue,
without escaping.
I add the
key and the Belladonna
and seal them together.

I set the jar between the two torches,
and project all of my
witchly dreams and desires
upon it,
this cool, October eve.

With this
magickal method,
I hope to conjure
Perses’ Daughter,
The Night Mother,
that she may
come and visit and tell me
what she needs of me.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-10-04

This such a cool exercise! If you love mythology, come and participate! Oloriel will definitely give you something to think / write about!


7 thoughts on “Mythology Workshop #2: Incantation

  1. This was a fantastic poem, it really felt mythical and eerie at times and it did read perfectly as an incantation. I was imagining all as a ritual, which connects and sets a great scenery for the myth. figure you picked. I also love that you mentioned some of the most famous Hecate refrences, like the crossroads, the jar, night. I also feel like tense in which the poem is writen really adds a lot to the atmosphere and the immersion in the scenery and the poem itself as a whole. The ending was also a very nice wrap, a perfect closing that further goes hand in hand with the title and the notion of an incantation.
    Truly a great work with the prompt 🙂


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