/\(00)/\ **A Halloween Primer** /\(00)/\

Happy Halloween!!

Hello Fear Readers,

I intend on posting some of my own verse in honor of Halloween soon (as it’s my favorite and most sacred holiday of the year!), in the meantime, here are some other poems (via the Poetry Foundation) to get you in the moooOOOOoood…

Click the link below (IF YOU DARE!):

Halloween Poems


Blessed Samhain!

Jamy <):^/


4 thoughts on “/\(00)/\ **A Halloween Primer** /\(00)/\

  1. I look forward to it! Part celtic, I read up on Samhain, Google writes it actually refers to the daylight portion of the holiday, on November 1st and not a Gaelic demon….mwah ha ha. thanks for this most timely post!


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