After the food haze: a post-Thanksgiving Day poem

Hello Bloginistas!

I wrote the following yesterday to honor Thanksgiving to relate the true spirit of the day in verse: gratitude. It is an experiment, of sorts, as I wanted to capture the spontaneity of moment and writing. USUALLY, I am very OCD and anal retentive about my original work and most pieces go through many (MANY) drafts before being posted here. This was written in one sitting and is the first and only draft:

The Mechanisms Of Thankfulness

I am thankful for
a host of things.
The usual suspects:
small measures of success
(tablespoons, not cups, yet),
my gifts.
But there are things,
more esoteric,
harder to define,
a view through fog,
more ethereal,
for which to be grateful.

I am more thankful for
these things
that I cannot relay,
like the space between
the lines of a poem,
the moment
before and after
the flapping of a
hummingbird’s wings,
the time when
the Sun and the Moon
see each other,
the philosophy of Time,

than all the regular things
put together
in a bag
full of the same.

© Jamy Sweet 2013-11-29

You may see this further “Jamyized” in the near future, because the simple act of posting this now has me wanting, nay, NEEDING, to edit it, but for now I give it to you in its raw form.

Enjoy! ;oD



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