“intelligent_design”, National Poetry Month Post #3

Good day fellow Bloginistas! I wrote the following poem after visiting my father-in-law in the hospital some time ago, and it started me thinking about medical care. How often one receives great treatment can depend on socioeconomic status rather than need (at least in the U.S., even the though the Affordable Care Act has done wonders in at least pointing us in the right direction).

I am not generally a political poet, so this post is a rare occasion (I actually believe my only other political poem is “El Mozote” which was a National Poetry Month post last year), so savor it! 😉 It is only my opinion, and like a lot of my work, a snapshot of how I was feeling in the moment.

This poem will also appear in what I hope to publish as my first book, but that won’t be for a bit, so please enjoy this appetizer for the meal to come!


whole, smooth, unblemished;
fresh off
the assembly line.

They stay this way
for so long,
until a chip or
crack happens and
travels the surface
like a nomad
searching for
a place to rest.
(NOTE: This generally occurs on the face)

The fissure can be
but is never
quite the same.
The original,
beautiful surface
always shows
some sign of

And finding a
qualified repair shop
depends on several factors:

So often,
The more advantaged
the owner is in
one or all of the above,
the closer the fix is
to its original design.

In the end
(which is also the beginning),
where and how
the mannequin
was made also matters.

Shoddy workmanship
breeds a
faulty product.

But careful attention by a
skilled artisan
(coupled with
constant, diligent
care of your product)
will make possible
chips, cracks,
or other signs of
less likely.

© Jamy Sweet 2014-04-08

Jamy 😀


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