“A Four Letter Word”, National Poetry Month Post #7

Hello Bloginistas!

I wrote the following as a meditation; it’s my analysis of love and its many properties. While it certainly doesn’t capture every aspect of what love is (which may be near impossible, many great artists have tried), I believe that it touches on some of the good and the bad. It’s a love and an anti-love poem. Enjoy!

A Four Letter Word

Love –
Four letters,
Like four sides
It’s not a box
It’s got too
Much to be contained
In a mere box.

Four letters,
Like a curse word,
And some
Take it to mean
That word,
Maybe it does,
It’s a lot more
Than just a

Four letters,
Like a fairy tale,
Glass slipper and all,
There’s not
A happy ending.

Four letters,
Like a family,
Connected to
Each other
In cursive,
Sometimes silken threads,
Sometimes iron chains.

Four letters,
Like pain,
But worse,
The wounds of
Memory and
The lessons that
Scar tissue
Teaches us.

Love –
Four letters,
Each one
To the power of
Limited and
Limitless, an
Ouroboros –
L eating the E,
Ad inifinitum.

© Jamy Sweet 2014-04-19

Jamy 😀


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