Christmas poem to a man in jail by Charles Bukowski

From my fellow Bloginista Bukowski on Wry, a fantastic piece by one of my idols. It’s about how artists should use their gifts to enlighten those artless lost souls (for I believe that we are all lost without art) who feel that Art has no place in the world and would be fine without it. It says that Art is the TRUE power, and we need to realize this: “maybe the politicians, the generals, the judges, the / priests, the police, the pimps, the businessmen have been too / strong?”. Maybe they have, but Art is stronger, and is more than a match for the likes of them. And “maybe if we write well enough / and live a little better / life will improve a bit / just out of shame”, but more than out of shame, it will improve via enlightenment and vindication. After all, “The Pen (and brush and instrument and song) is Mightier than the Sword”! My favorite lines:
“the word should be like
butter or avocados or
steak or hot biscuits, or onion rings or
whatever is really
Thanks, Bukoswski on Wry, for a wonderful post! 😀 Jamy


One thought on “Christmas poem to a man in jail by Charles Bukowski

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