This blog has been brought to you by the letters J and S. Welcome! The title, as some of you have gathered, means many things…it is, most obviously, a play on the title of the eponymous book / film. Rhythm always exists in poetry; whether in free or blank verse, sonnet or triolet, prose or not. Writing cannot live without rhythm, or it falls flat like an off-key singer. Life is also full of rhythms. Blood sings through our veins; footsteps, our metronome as we walk along; our conversations, a chorus beautifully sung. So, I give to you a window; a look at the rhythms I observe running through my life, and the rhythmic observations of others. Enjoy!

Jamy >o.O<


32 thoughts on “About

  1. What a lovely introduction! I’ve been on a virtual journey through the blogosphere for the past few months, having resolved to visit and comment on a positive blog every day of 2014. I’m glad I found my way here; your passion for life and poetry is wonderful to see!


  2. Thank you for finding my blog and following, I am in the process in seeing where my creativity will take me. Albeit late in life and a new life I am having fun with it. Thank you again for following me


    • You’re absolutely welcome! Thanks for the follow, I returned the awesomeness! I just finished reading your “About” and am so touched by your passion…I recently lost my two girls, excellent felines named Godiva and Esmeralda, the beginning of this year and am glad that they were able to grace me with their presence…So I completely understand when I read “And, as long as a dog lives on this earth, I will always be happy.” ;^D


  3. Hi Jamy! I DO really enjoy your blog- Thank you for finding me, reading me, taking the time to comment, follow, and invite me to find you here!

    I’d love it, too, if you felt inspired to join us at any time.

    Onward and upward, and warmest of holidays to you.



    Writing & photography here: anexerciseindiscipline.wordpress.com
    Admiration here: objetsdevertu.wordpress.com


    • Thank you Melissa! Wonderful to have you as a follower…What exactly do you mean by joining you? Do you have a collective of artists / writers who post on the blog? I would love to join you as soon as I know how! πŸ˜›

      Happy Happy Holidays!!

      Jamy :o)


  4. Found you! Lovely layout…looking forward to seeing more of what you do, with the blog, your thoughts, and your wonderful words…dear friend of so many years!


  5. Jamy, welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll happily follow a fellow poetry lover and see what you’re writing and doing, especially because what little I’ve seen so far here is impressive and intriguing. Onward!


If Rhythm Is a Dancer, comment and dance with me!

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