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First, thanks to The Poesy Chick for this awesome post! Second, I truly believe that Ms. Atwood's amazing prose overshadows what may be some of the finest poetry ever written. Read this and then pick up some of her other verse. You won't be disappointed! Enjoy! Jamy :o)


Blade Runner film poster by Krzysztof Domaradzki

What a STUNNER! Thanks Biblioklept! 😀



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National Dress Your Cat Up Day

Only one word: Amazing. Okay, two: Simply amazing. 😀

The Bloggess

It seems like it was JUST National Dress Your Cat Up Day but I guess it’s here again.  Let’s celebrate, motherfuckers.




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Christmas poem to a man in jail by Charles Bukowski

From my fellow Bloginista Bukowski on Wry, a fantastic piece by one of my idols. It's about how artists should use their gifts to enlighten those artless lost souls (for I believe that we are all lost without art) who feel that Art has no place in the world and would be fine without it. … Continue reading Christmas poem to a man in jail by Charles Bukowski

Face Of The Day

From Andrew over at The Dish, a stunningly beautiful take on recycling (although, recycling is a rather mundane word for such gorgeous artwork). Enjoy! 😀 Jamy

The Dish


Lori Zimmer captions the work of Nick Gentry:

With the age of technology advancing faster than we can possibly keep up with, we are left with obsolete media. Film cameras have been replaced with digital capture and USB drives render floppy disks useless. As an artist, Gentry finds beauty in these forgotten remnants, like the rolls of exposed 35 mm film he finds in abundance in thrift stores and secondhand sales, or receives from donors.

His effort to give new life to the media that are now obsolete has created inspiration for a beautiful body of work, which is given greater depth than if simply painted on canvas. Gentry paints many of his portraits with a direct gaze, which almost summons to viewer to look deeper into the work.

Explore more of Gentry’s work here, here, and here.

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Girlie Show — Edward Hopper

Thanks Biblioklept! Hopper is one of my favorite artists, there’s such poetry in his brushstrokes…



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The End of National Poetry Month…Progress, and the lack thereof – National Poetry Month Post #11

Hello Bloginistas! Two days ago was the final day of the wonderful month that is National Poetry Month. On the second day of this auspicious month, I laid the groundwork for a "30 Posts in 30 Days" post commitment. WELL, since this is my 11th and final post, I obviously didn't QUITE make it (in … Continue reading The End of National Poetry Month…Progress, and the lack thereof – National Poetry Month Post #11

“Susie Asado” — Gertrude Stein

Reading this one gives my blog’s name even MORE meaning! 😀 Check out biblioklept, his blog is amazing!



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Because if there’s one thing we need more of in my neighborhood, it’s fire.

Two Words: AWE SOME!

The Bloggess

“Excuse me, ma’am,” said the nice looking man wearing a yellow construction jacket at my door step.  “We’re just going house to house to let everyone know that the city will be doing work on your block for the next few month so you might see blockades and construction.  We’re having to work on the underground fire-lines in this neighborhood.”

“I…wait…what?” I asked, (extremely articulately).

“Apparently the fire lines in your neighborhood are extremely low in pressure and so we’re going to have to dig up the pipes to fix that.   I know it’s a hassle, but it’s a safety precaution,” he explained.

I stared at him.  “I appreciate the concern, but why in the world would we want bigger pipes filled with fire under our houses?   That seems the opposite of safe.

He paused for a second.  “Oh.  No.  Fire lines are just the…

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“How to Be Old” — May Swenson

What an amazing work by one of the greats! Thanks to Biblioklept!



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