i’ve been away, but don’t dismay!

Hello My Precious Bloginistas! I wanted to post really quickly because I realize it's been a fair amount of time since my last post (about three months, 15 days...YIKES, more than just "a fair amount of time", really!). I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten, some life events just got in the … Continue reading i’ve been away, but don’t dismay!


“Bellfounding” (and Happy National Poetry Month!)

Hello Hello Hello Bloginistas! I wrote this poem some time ago after having an argument with my partner and wanted to share it with you. It is written in iambic pentameter blank verse, for those of you "form nerds" out there. Enjoy! 😀 Oh and by the way, HAPPY NATIONAL POETRY MONTH 2015 (which is … Continue reading “Bellfounding” (and Happy National Poetry Month!)


Hello Sweet Bloginistas! I was recently looking at some of my favorite artists and came across this image: I decided to write a poem that distilled my impression of his work into poetry the same way that he distilled the world down to squares of primary color. Enjoy! 😀 Mondrian MECHANICAL GRIDS, STAINED-GLASS SQUARES, APPEARING … Continue reading “Mondrian”

Happy 7TH Kirk & Nikki, “I Am Glad You’re Here”

Hello Bloginistas! Two of my very close friends had their 7th wedding anniversary at the beginning of this month. I wrote a poem for them that I read at their wedding and realized that I had never posted it here. The previously posted "To My Child" is a sequel to this poem, about their first … Continue reading Happy 7TH Kirk & Nikki, “I Am Glad You’re Here”

“Heat Wave”

fragramarilynmonroe.blogspot.com Greetings Bloginistas! As promised, an original work by yours truly! It has been SO HOT here in Southern California that I decided to write about it. I hope this poem gives a feel of what it's been like these past weeks. Enjoy! Heat Wave Walking in the hot, hot sun through staggered curtains of … Continue reading “Heat Wave”

Transformations…Poet into Novelist?

Hello Dear Bloginistas, I would like to know your opinion... I have several possible fiction ideas I am developing and wanted to know how easy a transition you think it is from Poet to Novelist. This is just about the process of novel-writing, not the process of being published, marketing, etc. That's a whole other … Continue reading Transformations…Poet into Novelist?

“A Four Letter Word”, National Poetry Month Post #7

Hello Bloginistas! I wrote the following as a meditation; it's my analysis of love and its many properties. While it certainly doesn't capture every aspect of what love is (which may be near impossible, many great artists have tried), I believe that it touches on some of the good and the bad. It's a love … Continue reading “A Four Letter Word”, National Poetry Month Post #7

“intelligent_design”, National Poetry Month Post #3

Good day fellow Bloginistas! I wrote the following poem after visiting my father-in-law in the hospital some time ago, and it started me thinking about medical care. How often one receives great treatment can depend on socioeconomic status rather than need (at least in the U.S., even the though the Affordable Care Act has done … Continue reading “intelligent_design”, National Poetry Month Post #3

“Dunes”, National Poetry Month Post #1

Photo Courtesy of bridgeandtunnelclub.com I wrote this short prose poem while thinking about attaining goals and what it's like to finally meet them. I immediately saw reaching a beach from over the dunes (where you often can't actually see the ocean until you climb over). Enjoy! Dunes The dunes seem endless and are crawling with … Continue reading “Dunes”, National Poetry Month Post #1

30 Posts in 30 Days? Maybe…:-) Happy National Poetry Month 2014!

Happy April and Happy National Poetry Month! Every year, I try to do a post a day, 30 posts in 30 days, etc., to commemorate National Poetry Month. This April is no different! I will introduce some of my favorite poets, some new work (and maybe some older stuff that's never been posted here but … Continue reading 30 Posts in 30 Days? Maybe…:-) Happy National Poetry Month 2014!